East-West Medicine



The Institute of East-West Medicine was duly incorporated as a non-profit organization and recognized under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code in 1997.  The mission of the Institute is to promote understanding and foster research regarding Eastern-healing systems especially as it relates and integrates with contemporary Western medicine. Towards this goal, we have been advised by a distinguished Board of Researchers, Physicians, and Professors/Educators who guide the Institute. We have worked closely with the New York Open Center, Procultura, Tibet House and other non-profit organizations in our work and major projects we have undertaken include the sponsorship of Tibetan medicine practice at our Manhattan location, the publication of the Asian Cancer Herbs database, sponsorship of the publication of the periodical AyurVijnana by the International Trust for Traditional Medicine (ITTM), and joint sponsorship of research and preservation of endangered Himalayan herbs in Nepal with ITTM, the Institute of Traditional Medicine as well as Earthwatch Institute, sponsorship of the 1st International Tibetan Medicine Congress in Washington DC in 1998 and the 1st International Asian Cancer Conference in New York City in 2000. Our most recent activities range from the sponsoring of studies on acupuncture and Tai Chi to documenting the sourcing of Ayurvedic herbs and Tibetan insights into death and dying as well as virtual program to train Western healthcare professionals in Eastern meditative techniques. We welcome your suggestions for further research and education projects and hope that you will support us with a tax-deductible contribution such that we can further our work. For further info on our program and how you may help, please contact info@eastwestmed.org.