East-West Medicine

Wei-zen Sun MD

Dr. Wei-Zen Sun is Professor of Anesthesiology , Director of the Graduate Institute of Brain and Mind Sciences, and the Director of Complementary and Integrative Medicine for the new Health Sciencee and Wellness Center at the National Taiwan University. Dr. Sun is a pioneer in acupuncture research and has published many articles in journals such as Pain, European Journal of Pain, and Anesthesiology. His current interests include the health effects of the Eastern arts of Tai-Chi and meditation.

Woodson Merrell MD

Dr. Woodson Merrell as the executive director of the Continuum Center for Health and Healing affiliated with Beth Israel Medical Center is one of the nation’s most respected figures in complementary and alternative medicine. He was a pioneer in alternative medicine teaching at Columbia University where he is currently Assistant Clinical Professor. He lectures widely on the subject of alternative therapies and is Board member of New York State Office of Professional Medical Conduct and (chairman) of New York State Board of Acupuncture.

Fredi Kronenberg PhD

Dr. Fredi Kronenberg was Professor of Clinical Physiology in Rehabilitation Medicine, and Director of the Richard and Hinda Rosenthal Center for Complementary & Alternative Medicine at Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons as well as directed the NIH-funded Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine Research in Aging and Women’s Health. She was the principal investigator on many research projects, including numerous grant awards from the National Institutes of Health. Additionally, she was a founding editor of the Journal of Alternative & Complementary Medicine and is on the editorial board the Journal of Tropical and Medicinal Plants.

Christine Wade, MPH

Christine Wade is former Associate Director of Research and Administration for the Richard and Hilda Rosenthal Center for Alternative Medicine at Columbia University, Christine is a graduate of Bard College and received her MPH from Columbia University in 2003. She is the recipient of multiple research grants in areas of botanical research, traditional Chinese Medicine, and Women’s Health. She is currently actively engaged in our research project in collaboration with Shanghai on acupuncture treatment of dysmenorrhea.

James Duke PhD

Dr. James Duke formerly with the US Department of Agriculture is a renowned senior botanist and who is currently involved with The Amazon Center for Environmental Education and Research, and the American Botanical Council. He has written more than a dozen texts, including the “Handbook of Medicinal Herbs”, “The CRC Handbook of Alternative Cash Crops for the Tropics”, “Amazonian Ethno botanical Dictionary” and “The Green Pharmacy”, and the more recent “Amazonian Ethno botanical Dictionary”. He has constructed powerful databases on the ecology, photochemistry and utility of thousands of economic plants. Advocating conservation in the Amazon as well as respect for efficacy of herbs over molecular drugs, Dr. Duke has been an all-important figure in the advancement of alternative therapies based on botanicals.

Subhuti Dharmananda PhD

Dr. Subhuti Dharmananda currently directs the Institution of Traditional Medicine, an educational institution based in Portland Oregon. Dr. Dharmananda is a respected Oriental herbalist and can be considered a pioneer of traditional Asian therapies in the West, having lectured widely on the topic for the past two decades. He has written numerous scholarly monographs on topics related to Asian medicines and also authored important academic books including prescriptions on Silk and Paper: “The History and Development of Chinese Patent Medicines”. The Link: “A Detailed Analysis of an Epidemic Disease”, “Foundations of Chinese Herb Prescribing”, “Chinese Herbal Therapies for Immune Disorders” and other popular titles.