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You can help The Institute of East-West Medicine accomplish our mission and reach our goals by supporting our 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with tax-deductible contributions. If you prefer using Paypal, please click here, otherwise, please print this form, enclose a check for the donation amount, and mail to:

Institute of East-West Medicine
102 E 30th Street
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More Information

Statement of Ethics
The Institute of East-West Medicine is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that operates under the highest ethical standards and business practices meeting or exceeding the guidelines of the U.S. IRS. We protect the confidentiality of all financial information and do not use our donor list for any commercial purpose.

Important Tax Information
Gifts to The Institute of East-West Medicine are tax deductible within the limits of current Federal and State laws. Tax laws require a receipt for individual payments of $250 or more to a charity. When you contribute $250 or more, The Institute of East-West Medicine will send you a receipt before December 31 of the tax year of the donation. We will send you a receipt to file with your canceled check or credit card statement for your tax records.

Donor Inquiry
Please email us (info@eastwestmed.org) with any questions about becoming a donor to Institute of East-West Medicine.